Melbourne Wood Show, Day 1

Great day at the show – had a blast!

Demoing went ok, need to work out how to draw more of a crowd.  At least tomorrow there is a bit more of interest in the MagSwitch stuff, as in a box right beside me at the moment, I have some of the absolute latest offerings that were air freighted across from the USA, and arrived today (too late to get to the show, but at least will have it there for Saturday and Sunday!)

What else?  I have a very nice, hand-made marking knife by Chris Vesper to use in my Measuring and Set-out demonstration (1100 – 1145 on the Professional Woodworkers Supplies stand).

Sawstop (Gabbetts) are doing 4 firings a day of their Sawstop mechanism, and I have one of the results, complete with embedded brake to hang on the shed wall – will take some photos in a day or two – bit weary tonight!

And a Lidwig clamp to help during some of the setups I am doing as well 🙂

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow – will take the video and try to get a bit of footage.

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