Planning for the Show

I’ve been (struggling to) juggle all the balls I have in the air for the wood show next week, and boy there are a lot of them.  I’m obviously trying to do too much, but that’s the problem with a show that only comes around once a year – you want to get the most out of it.

At this stage it is looking pretty certain that I will be doing demonstrations for MagSwitch – looking at their woodworking product range (and there are a lot of recent developments there, so it will be very interesting to see what will be out for the show), Triton – focussing on the router and router table primarily, and Professional Woodworkers Supplies – all the accessories and features for use with the table saw, their setting out tools (rules etc), and their router accessories (such as the Mortise Pal and Router Buddy)

With a little over a week to the show, I am quietly confident of being able to lock down a pretty accurate demo program by tomorrow (actually today now, seeing as it is already after midnight).  I’ve spent a couple of hours tonight pushing, pulling, prodding and twisting the various sessions to see just how good a fit I could make (it’s Tetris for the real world!)

Will publish it here as soon as I have it finalised.

Now, on a completely different topic, I did a bit of enquiry about a recent point on the country of manufacture of the Triton Router.

The rumour that it had moved to China is incorrect (irrespective of the source).  At this stage, the Triton router is still made in Taiwan.

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