Bathurst Weekend

It’s that time of the year again Bathurst 1000, Melbourne Wood Show, and Christmas quickly approaching.

What has Bathurst got to do with the shed?  I guess not much, other than it gets me up much earlier on a Sunday morning, and it meant I actually got a couple of hours in the shed under the belt before coming in to watch the start.  Oh, and GMC have sponsored the tyre arch sign again, so that’s woodworking related!

Played around with the wet stone sharpener, touching up a few of the turning chisels, then tried to take a chip out of the skew chisel when it had a catch which actually took a chip out of the lathe jaws instead.

Started dressing and shaping some timber for a play table – 90×45 pine, dressed to square, then machined to 40x40x480mm.  Then cut mortise slots using the Mortise Pal.  Perhaps not at quick or as versatile as the Festool Domino, but a hell of a lot cheaper. As Grahame from PWS likes to say – you get $1000 change over buying a Domino!

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