Gathering at the Inc(r)a Temple

So the inaugral get-together of Incra users (and wannabys – or should that be wannabuys!) happened today at the Woodworking Warehouse.

A combination of old and new faces from other events, a bit of an Incra demo – specifically the 1/2 blind dovetail by James (who demonstrates for the importers (Professional Woodworkers Supplies (PWS in my shorthand)), and also PWS themselves (Marita and Grahame) who came along with supplies and food (obviously true woodworkers!)  So thanks to them for their involvement and support in having the day, and to the Woodworking Warehouse for donating the use of their premises.

James Demonstrates the 1/2 Blind Dovetail on the Incra

James Demonstrates the 1/2 Blind Dovetail on the Incra

So the ice has been broken, and we’ve seen again the setting up and use of the Incra, for this joint at least, so I guess we now need to actually get out to the workshop, and duplicate the process!

The next meeting (perhaps in February – what with the wood show, Christmas, January break, it is a hard time of year to coordinate any other gatherings!) I hope we will get to see / show a through-dovetail, and also what projects have been made between now and then.  There are still a whole heap of projects in the Incra Project book that I really want to make.

So thanks to all, and I hope everyone got something out of the day.

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