Toy Clock Design

I’ve just been playing around in AutoCAD designing a toy clock for the Holmesglen Toymaking course that I am running end of November.

Here’s a quick look at progress so far:

Toy Clock

Toy Clock

The idea is that each of the removable numbers will have a number on them – possibly carved – haven’t decided!  They will be made from a piece of dowel, and the holes cut with a forstner bit.  The overall clock cut out on the bandsaw using a circle cutting jig, and at the rear of the clock there will be a stand that folds away so the clock can either be used flat on a table, standing up on a table, or hung on a wall.

Overall dimension is 300mm diameter for the clock, with each number being 20mm diameter.

One (good) suggestion is to fit magnets underneath each number – definitely sounds like a good idea (so long as they are affixed strongly enough – do not want a child eating one – or rather eating more than one – that is very dangerous.  However, if mounted properly, this isn’t a problem.)

I’m also now thinking about how I could have a removable mechanism so when it is not being played with, and is hanging on the wall, that it actually works as a real clock.

2 Responses

  1. Stu,

    My wife just picked up a similar clock for $12 on the chuck out rack at Coles (MDF of course).

    The biggest difference is that each number is a different shape. This means our (not quite) 2 year old can solve the puzzle aspect of it while still learning about time an numbers.

    (I can send you a photo if you want).

  2. Stu:
    We have a similar clock for our boys. The number blocks are different shapes and colours and the numbers are painted on the front. There is a small magnet in the back of each number recess, and what looks the head of a common box nail in each block. After a couple of years of rough play, we haven’t had a magnet come out.

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