I should be in retail!

The number of emails I get from people asking me to quote for sheds, tools etc is quite surprising, and I don’t even advertise!

Of course when I try to reply to these people, their email addresses are suspiciously wrong…..

I cannot work out if these are legitimate requests, or just more phishing attempts.

As my gentle readers (to quote Stephen King) will well know, I don’t advertise on this site (although I reserve the right to change my mind on this in the future) – I don’t use Google Ads or other “click through” methods to generate income.  I do list companies that support the site and its concept through tool reviews, so I can’t claim complete purity, but as I see it, that benefits everyone.


Tried testing a dado blade (just briefly) on the weekend, as I’d never used one, and still haven’t actually.

The budget (economy?) set from Carbatec that they have included for the battle of the dado blades have chipper blades that are solid disks, and once you add a few together, the entire group becomes a massive chunk of steel (like a large flywheel), and requires so much starting torque that my (underpowered) power supply trips out before the saw can come up to speed.

If I had a good (and a full 10A) power supply for the saw I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t, so it is.

The saw itself is 3HP, so it has plenty of guts to run such a set (if I could give it all the electricity it needs), but I seriously wonder if less powerful saws (such as the Jet Supersaw (1.75HP)) could even use the economy set?

Remember too, that this is just getting the dado set up to speed, and does not involve actually cutting timber (hard or soft).

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