Melbourne Working with Wood Show

24 – 26 October.  At the Melbourne Showgrounds – please note the change in location from previous years!

(I was going to leave this stuck to the top, but I got bored seeing it there!)

Short Weekend

Some weekends there really isn’t time for anything it seems, and if you get even 30 minutes, that is a real bonus!

Tried out the welder, and an automatic welding mask that I picked up (ok, it came from Bunnings).  All seemed to work ok – ran a weld bead all of about 1″ long before my power supply tripped, but that was a. expected, and b. worked for longer than I creditied that it would.  Bought back old memories, not the least the smell – awesome! (Now you know I’m weird!!)

Finally took the opportunity to cut a channel in the old concrete path, which has been letting (a small) amount of water under part of the shed wall.  First with the angle grinder and a diamond blade, which worked surprisingly well.  The grinder was very hot by the end of it (2 cuts, 25mm deep (but done in multiple passes), about 1m long).  Don’t think it has ever worked so hard.  Perhaps it was all the concrete dust it had to breathe.  Gave it a good blowout with the air compressor afterwards.  The cutter did well though (one of those cheap $10 diamond things)

Next, I chipped out the concrete between the 2 cuts to form the channel, and again the air compressor came to the fore.  That, and a pneumatic hammer connection I got as part of a basic pneumatic tool kit.  So hopefully it is enough – will know the next time it rains (heavily).  So probably some time July 2027.

Next job is to install the guttering which I picked up today, and my list of tasks for the shed upgrade will be finally getting short.

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