Bigg Lugg

One of the tools I got from VEK Tools recently has already been proving its value.

The Bigg Lugg

Bigg Lugg

Bigg Lugg

works really well.  I was needing to do some nailing up a ladder this evening (up and down up and down, rinse and repeat) using my air gun, and it was great being able to hang it on the belt while I was sorting out the bird netting, then use it and return it to the hook.

In all honesty, it proved a really useful tool (I sound like the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine – you are a “Really Useful Engine”)


I occasionally get emails similar to the one below, in a veiled phishing / scam attempt.

Dear Owner/Sales Manager,

My name is Mr Mark  Vam with the  mark & Company Inc And i am sending this email to your business in regards to the order for some SHED and the Sizes that i am looking for are :16 x 10 Apex SHED and please can you send me an email reply back with the price of  each that plus  tax without shipping And also i will like to know the Types of Credit card you do Accept for the Payment And i will be Looking forward to hear back from you so that we can proceed with the Order / Payment / Pick Up And delivery Details….And i want your contact name and Phone number so that i will go ahead and call you to proceed.Kind Regards…..
Mr Mark Vam

Glad I’m not actually in business trying to distinguish between genuine enquiries and attempts to defraud me.

Working with Wood Show

The Melbourne Working with Wood Show is rapidly approaching (where did the year go????)

This year, it has moved to the Melbourne Show Grounds, so will be very interesting to see how that works out.

I’ve been looking at the plans of the site, and I’m a little perplexed by it all – there seems to be an awful lot of timber selling planned – 50% of the layout is dedicated to them.  Do people only buy timber once a year?

Also too, I can’t figure out who the exhibitors are – the exhibitor list is still for 2007, despite the show being less than a month away.  So I check out Adelaide’s one (in a couple of weeks), and that only shows the 2007 list of exhibitors as well.

So I’ll have to get back to you when I have more info (hopefully before the show starts!)

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