Where there be couriers?

I’m still waiting for my welder to arrive.

It was sent to my home address on Monday (unfortunately no one was home that day), so I rang the courier to get it rebooked for delivery.

TNT (unlike a number of other companies) don’t redelivery the next day – they make you wait 48 hours.  Bummer – ok, booked for Wednesday.

Wednesday comes and goes, and still no delivery. (Including a couple of phone calls by me to find out what is going on).  Apparently (I was told at 3) it is “on the truck and should arrive by 5, but if it isn’t, you’ll get a call”  Except it doesn’t, and I didn’t.  At lunchtime it was actually logged as “not delivering because we are too busy” (or words to that effect).

So Thursday comes: no phone call, no parcel.  I check their website, and it has the parcel scheduled as “left on dock”  Oh good.

Yet another phone call (number 4 now) to find out what “left on dock” means, and to see if it can’t be changed to something more useful like “on it’s way”

Phone call number 5 (they rang me), and it sounds like we are finally getting somewhere.

Sometimes ordering online really has knobs on it.

Not as frustrating as another I heard recently, where the parcel was tracked right across the Nullabour only to have it disappear off the TNT system then.   Sometimes it is better not knowing when something is ‘meant’ to be coming, and simply have it arrive when it does.

Consignment No: XXXXXXXXXXX
Status Date Time Depot
Electronically Lodged 19/09/2008 18:05 Campbellfield (Melb)
Received in Depot 19/09/2008 18:34 Campbellfield (Melb)
Paperwork Printed at Depot 22/09/2008 05:12 Hallam (Melb)
OBFD Outside Hire 22/09/2008 09:47 Hallam (Melb)
Frt not available at Dlvry 22/09/2008 16:00 Hallam (Melb)
Undelivered frt returned 22/09/2008 18:21 Hallam (Melb)
Held for Enquiry 23/09/2008 07:14 Hallam (Melb)
Ready for Re-Delivery 23/09/2008 07:48 Hallam (Melb)
Ready for Re-Delivery 23/09/2008 11:02 Hallam (Melb)
OBFD Outside Hire 24/09/2008 11:16 Hallam (Melb)
Not dlvr due time constraints 24/09/2008 12:00 Hallam (Melb)
Undelivered frt returned 24/09/2008 17:42 Hallam (Melb)
Ready for Re-Delivery 24/09/2008 17:43 Hallam (Melb)
Left On Dock 25/09/2008 12:22 Hallam (Melb)

5 Responses

  1. I have mine, in Adelaide, it arrived Monday this week , But as usual the courier called when no one was home. It is always easier for me to go to the TNT depot to pick up the item up.

    Havent played with it yet.

  2. Mine did arrive finally – by special arrangement in the end.

    The idea of having to pick up a parcel from the courier company, rather than them doing the very job they have been paid to do of delivering it to you I find rather abhorrent. (I almost ended up doing the same). Next time it might be easier if I just pick up the delivery from the dispatch department of the supply company, rather than bothering with the courier at all (on the assumption that the supply company is local).

    I receive about 2-3 courier deliveries a day in my regular job, they seem to have no trouble finding where I am and delivering in a timely fashion.

  3. Suppose I spoke too soon. I got around to opening my GMC Welder only to find the case had been bashed and worse still The base is so damaged the adjustment knob at the front is not usable. The box was obviously sealed for the factory and had not been tampered with.
    So now to see what I can do to retrieve the situation

  4. Don’t like to winge … But I just received my boxes … more than half had been crushed. Takes the shine off buying something from ES. (I wonder how badly damaged they have to be before you can make a claim on the courier company?) And one is going back, wrong item, … so despatch department will be able to see what two trips across the Nullabour with XXXXX courier company does to their goods. Wonder if Aust Post would be better in future? Plus – can pick up on Saturday, locally. Time for research me thinks.

    On the positive side … I did get to play with some of the toys on our 3 day weekend in WA, but over a week since they were sent 😦

  5. Mine too, but at least it was the back and not the front, so not so detrimental. So long as the internals haven’t been damaged by the handling it should be ok, but it is not a good reflection on the situation.

    I was thinking Post might be better too – at least if you have to pick it up from dispach, it is from one that is very local to you, and not somewhere in a 50km radius (or worse).

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