Cheap Triton Bandsaws

Just noticed at V.E.K. Tools that they have the Triton 12″ (300mm) bandsaw for an amazing $218 (+GST).  Seeing as this is normally around $700 inc, that is an amazing price, and definitely worth grabbing one.

Seriously –  that is an incredible price, and is great that sort of price is being offered, but I can’t imagine it lasting.  Don’t know what their delivery fee is, but at that price, it’d be worth it.

Update – check the comments – TJ has successfully purchased one previously, and the price is confirmed!!!!

Update 2 – Price has now been amended on the site, and now is $717.12 (10am 18 September 08)

Update 3 – Seems they are saying Triton supplied the wrong price, and despite the price being advertised on their site for 8 days previously, and them making other sales at the incorrect price (even though people have queried it), Triton are going to carry the mistake.  Some very lucky buyers out there, at Triton’s expense.  Was I the only one that thought it strange that the 8″ bandsaw was almost twice the price of the 12″?  Looks like the 8″ price has also been changed, it has gone from $400 to $450.

Only reason I noticed it, was I found that they had linked to one of my reviews, and I was curious to see why I was getting visitors from their site, when we’ve never had any discussions.

VEK Tools Website

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