Stu’s Shed on You Tube

This isn’t about the YouTube channel I created as a bit of a test to see how much traffic I could generate from having videos on YouTube (which wasn’t particularly great, although the two I put on there seem to have been viewed over 2000 times each, so perhaps I should reinvestigate!)

What is news, is GMC/ Triton have added one (with potentially more to follow) of my videos in a cut down version to their GMCTOOLS channel.  (I say cut-down, but it is simply more succinct, and perhaps more watchable because of it!  But you don’t get to see the blooper reel (which is probably a good thing as well – oh well)).  Some videos may be found soon on the TritonTools channel as well.  All used with permission btw.

The GMCTOOLS channel can be found here.

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