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  1. Hey Stu, another nice video. I am digging the picture in picture.

    One thing that struck me right off the bat with the 12in saw, that cast iron table is huge. It is probably double the square area of what my current 14in saw has. What are the actual dimensions on it?

  2. Yeah, the table is very large, and boasts 2 mitre slots. It is 550mm x 400mm.

  3. Hi Stuart – Having just received my 300 mm bandsaw, I can tell you that you don’t have to keep the door open with a stick. It has a little lever at the top to hold it open.

  4. Heh – guess I didn’t read the manual closely enough! Thanks for that – will have a look out for it.

    BTW, I’m going to work on a new circle cutting jig in the near future – taking the idea beyond simply banging a nail into a board. Not that the nail idea doesn’t work well, but I’m sure there is a neater way of doing it!

  5. You mentioned the larger Triton ban saw wouldn’t handle finer 14 or 16 tooth per inch blades, so, which Triton would? The TRITON 8-inch band saw?

    • I haven’t rewatched the episode, but i don’t think I said anything about 14 or 16 TPI blades. What the Triton appears to be limited to, is a minimum blade size of 1/8″. The tooth count has no effect on whether a bandsaw can handle the blade or not. What I was wanting to mount was a 14 or 16 TPI 1/16″ blade, and it is this parameter that seems to be the limiting factor.

      Neither the 8″ or 12″ Triton bandsaws can manage a 1/16″ blade (and it is a pretty uncommon blade at that. Sure, you can get one made, and pretty cheaply, but it is rare for anyone to want one. Apparently.

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