Wooden Train Track

Made another 6m of train track on the weekend for one of my friend’s at work (well, it is probably for their 4 year old…)

Thomas Wooden Railway Track

Thomas Wooden Railway Track

Of course, I had to try it out, just to make sure it all worked with the trains I keep especially for….uh…..testing…..

Wooden Track - Extra Attention!

Wooden Track - Extra Attention!

The trains running around the track did attract some extra attention, and someone obviously on their way to becoming a train robber with the skill they can derail a train!

Wooden to Plastic Track Converter

Wooden to Plastic Track Converter

I also knew the new owner currently has some of the plastic track, so I made some of these converters that meant both systems could be combined.

Wooden to Plastic Track Converter - Taper

Wooden to Plastic Track Converter - Taper

Because the plastic track is thinner than the commercial wooden track (which I matched for thickness and for the joint), my converter sections had to take this into account.  Rather than try to machine the taper, then cut the track out, I went the other way around – I made the track, and then used the disk sander to produce the taper, by applying pressure to one end of the track only.  It was very effective as you can see here.

One of these days, I will work on producing curved sections.

I did come to one conclusion while making these – I really don’t enjoy working with pine.  The amount of tearout was….unpleasant.  It does come down to the router bit as well – the dovetail bit had nowhere near as much chipout / tearout as the ball and socket bits.

5 Responses

  1. Hi,

    ANy chance I can get some details of how you made these tracks.. especially the corner pieces.



  2. Hi
    my son-in-law just came back from a business trip to USA and brought back the wooden rail set for his son.

    I would like to make some more tracks for the grand-son so I would grateful for details on how you went about making the tracks

  3. Looks like a short video would be the best call!
    Will see what I can do 🙂

  4. Hello,
    I was wondering if you would be able to post details on how you made this added track for the Thomas train set… My some just got his first set and his Papa is wondering how to construct some extra pieces in his shop…


  5. It’s a good question that requires a decent reply (and probably a video). (And I see that I have said this before, and it has yet to eventuate (oops – SORRY!))

    In the meantime, as a woodworking colleague of mine pointed me to, there is a good set of instructions on the Whiteside Router Bit pages here:

    Click to access TrainTracksFlyerJuly06.pdf

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