Update on the Dust System

Once upon a time, when Triton made orange tools (workcentres, router tables and Superjaws etc) in Cheltenham, they used to go through tonnes of MIG welding wire. These didn’t come in the small rolls that we are used to seeing on more portable units, but large drums for the robotic welders.

(Aside – I had probably my last look around the now quiet factory last week. Funny seeing it all shut down. It looked like any busy industrial site when it was running, but shut down, it looks just like a large Rube Goldberg machine.)

One of these large cardboard drums looked just the right size for my dust separator lid, and so…….

Dust Separator

Dust Separator

And what do you know, it was almost perfect.  It is still very strong, as the weight of welding wire it once contained would have been significant.  It has a method for attaching directly to a crane, just to be able to manoeuver it into position.  I don’t think I will have the same problem with it full of dust though, but I might look at making a wheeled base for it.

Inside the New Dust Bin

Inside the New Dust Bin

The inside is quite interesting as well, with a inner tube that the MIG wire was curled around.  With some thought, this might work very well in assisting with the cyclonic dust separation, providing a torturous path for the air to flow.  Some more investigation needed.  There is also a basic ruler on the inner wall (as seen), that will provide a measurement of how deep the dust is (although I don’t think it is going to be particularly important!

So I’m very pleased with it – seeing as I could not find a bin large enough in Bunnings to do the job.

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