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  1. Good review stu.
    It’s intresting to contrast the saw to my 185mm Makita 5007MGK.
    Safety. I see where you’re coming from on the safety button. What I like about my 5007MGK is that it’s got LED headlights. I like it not cause it shows my work, but I know when there’s power to the saw and I don’t keep it on at the wall if I don’t need it. No laster on mak.
    Dust. I like the dust shoot. Sometimes I think the 5007 shoot, which you can’t attach to anything, actually is aimed at your right side and blasts the dust at you. 😛
    Looks. The 5007MGK has a crome motor grill… modern retro design… i dunno.
    Height/Angle adjust. Mak only has slides, no micro, or gearing, not precision but does what I want it to do, which is largely rough cuts and manipulating slabs.

  2. Appreciate the review. I’ve been eyeing up the Triton for some time. I think I will pull the trigger on it.

    Are you planning on doing any more reviews in the future? I love watching good honest reviews.

  3. Interesting. I had never even heard of this saw (or Triton in general), so I’ll have to check it out.

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