Some Toy Blocks

Been making a bit of sawdust cutting up some pine to be some toy blocks for my daughter.  Nothing particularly flash or anything, and not worth taking a photo, but still a fun, quick evolution.

Once I’ve worked out a few block designs (and that doesn’t have to be anything more than a square, a rectangle, a triangle, an arch, (obviously their 3 dimensional equivalents) and a couple of other basic shapes, rinse and repeat.

Next, they are going to be dyed using some of the Ubeaut wood dyes, and if I am happy with the results, I might start making a few more sets for some of Jessica’s young friends.  Speaking of which, I have to make some Thomas track for a couple as well – hmm – how many hours are there in the day?

I wanted to turn some round sections as well, and given I have finally run power around the machinery section of the shed, thought it would be easy – turn the lathe on and go.  Nothing.  Dead. Weird.

So I started looking for the fuse – none.  Tried swapping out the switch.  No effect.  Was just packing it up, and saw a suspicious split in the cable near the plug.  Looked just like a cut that a certain skew chisel would make.  One had fallen down while I was reorganising the shed, and had been caught by Deep Throat.  Guess it had also caught the power cable on the way down, and severed the neutral wire.

So to make a short story shorter (as well as the cable), I’ve cut off the lead at that point and wired a new plug on.  Safer than repairing the actual split.  Lost about a foot of length in the cable, but small loss.

2 Responses

  1. Do you know if it’s possible to get protective shielding for flex that remains flexible?

  2. Shrink wrap works pretty well – available from any half decent electronics store. Slips onto the cord, and then contracts significantly with the heat from a heat source – be that a heat gun, match or lighter.

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