A better sander

The sanding disk on my 2 in 1 Triton sander was getting quickly worse, with little sanding and more burning, no matter how often I tried the reconditioning rubber stick trick.

The cutting ability of the sanding disk had finally been exhausted – it was blunt.  Given that it was silicon carbide, which chips revealing new cutting edges, it means it had pretty much run out of carbide altogether.

Now before applying a new disk, you have to completely clean off all the glue from the old one, and given this glue is strong and gunky, I really don’t relish the task (and thus why the disk was so far gone).

So instead of having to do this more than once, I decided to upgrade the tool at the same time, with a velcro disk (yes, it actually is velcro) from Carbatec.  It is a pretty low cost fix, and will save a lot of grievance in the future.  Velcro can’t take the same level of heat abuse from oversanding (or rather overpressure during the sanding), so I’m going to have to use it without abusing it, but that isn’t such a bad thing.

Removing original disk

Removing original disk

Step 1 was removing the original disk that had expired and clean all the residual glue off.  It was as much fun as I expected.

Attached Velcro Surface

Attached Velcro Surface

Step 2 The velcro disk is attached.  In this case it was an 8″ disk – cost $18 from Carbatec.

New Silicon Carbide Disk Attached

New Silicon Carbide Disk Attached

New carbide disk attached – cost $5.50.  In this case it is an 80 grit, but there is obviously a whole range available, and easily swappable now with the velcro backing.

2 in 1 back in service

2 in 1 back in service

Aldi and an unexpected shed upgrade

Was in Aldi earlier today (don’t shop there much, but their nappies are pretty good, and a reasonable price).  Came home with a bit more than I expected – an upgrade for the shed!

One of their ‘special’ buys at the moment is rubber flooring 6 pack for $20.  I bought a couple of sets – thought it would be good for reducing fatigue while standing at some of the tools for extended periods of time.  After laying what I had, I went straight back down for one more pack to finish the job – it covered more area than I expected, so instead of covering an area in front of a couple of the major tools as was my original plan, I found that just one more pack would pretty much cover the whole tool area.  (Each pack is 2.3m^2)

So now I have a nice soft surface to stand on while working in the tool section of the shop.  I don’t know how durable the surface is – only time will tell, but if it comes to that I could always put a thin ply (or similar) layer over the top.  It was very easy to lay – took minutes, so if I need to, it can be lifted to move a tool around.  Also, if some sections start wearing excessively, it will be a very easy and quick job to swap the worn sections for the less worn areas.

Aldi Rubber Flooring Pack

Aldi Rubber Flooring Pack

Laying the flooring

Laying the flooring

Flooring under saw and lathe

Flooring under router table, bandsaw and drillpress

Flooring under router table, bandsaw and drillpress

Not only does the flooring go together very easily, there is a generous supply of edging to give a finished look to the job.

A Few Quick Photos of Triton 184mm Circular Saw

Photo 4 -5 New model on left, old model on right

With all 3 “A Few Quick Photos of….”, an actual review will be done shortly.  Photos provided because I was being accused of hogging all the tool porn 🙂

A Few Quick Photos of GMC Unlimited Rebate Planer

Photo 1 & 2 Unlimited Rebate Planer

Photo 3 With guard fully retracted as it would be for a deep rebate

Photo 4 Closeup of cutter drum

Photo 5 Underside

Photo 6 Accessories, including spare drive belt, blades, fence

Photo 7 Optional sanding drum (this is one of the actual prototypes FWIW)

A Few Quick Photos of GMC Full Width Planer

Photo 1 & 2 – Planer, with coke can to give idea of scale.

Photo 3 – The accessories that are also provided – replacement brushes, drive belt, fence etc

iPhone / iPod Touch as a Woodworking Tool

The iPhone 2.0 software upgrade allows applications to be downloaded and run on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Quite a number of these use the device’s accelerometer to varying degrees of success. They certainly provide a new twist on interactions with the device (he he – sorry).

There are a couple of programs out already allowing the device to be used as a spirit level, and hopefully soon there will be one that acts as a digital one, and the device then could be as useful as the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge. The programs that provide this functionality are free, and actually work surprisingly well.

(Update – another one I downloaded (free) since has just that – a digital reading as well as the spirit level.)

Although I’ve mocked this image up, the screen shot of the program is the actual one provided by the programmers, and this isn’t April 1.

(It’s obviously a mock, as on my device, the lower bubble is at the top of the gauge when it is in that orientation.  It is surprisingly responsive, but perhaps these days not so surprising – technology is just a little mind blowing!)

iPhone & Spirit Level Program

iPhone & Spirit Level Program

Australian Wood Review Issue 60

Has just hit the shelves….

Australian Wood Review Issue 60

Australian Wood Review Issue 60

I’m making particular mention of it, because it includes my review of the Pro Drillpress Table from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.

So check it out, let me know what you think of the review (so long as it is good 😉 )

Episode 36 Triton Bandsaws

Episode 35 2nd Stage Dust Collector

Back to my previous post….

Coincidentally, (kind of) I just had a courier delivery from GMC of some tools that I am getting to review.  The unlimited rebate planer (GMC) and the new Triton 184mm saw I was keeping an eye out for as they were expected (and I’m very interested in seeing what they are capable of), but the 3rd box wasn’t, and it was the 1500W full width planer.

I can tell you now, that the photo does not do it justice!  The beast is HUGE, and I mean that in the best possible way.  Tim “The Toolman” eat your heart out – this tool is a real man’s tool 🙂  I’m in love, and I haven’t even plugged it in yet.  (You can imagine – I work in an IT department at a University, and I’m walking around swinging this huge power planer doing my best rendition I can manage of Tim’s gutteral “Tool woof”, with an insane glint in my eye, as if any piece of timber (or anything else for that matter), is in imminent danger of being made a bit flatter, and a lot thinner!)

Got to go – I have some sawdust to make!!

I’m surprised someone hasn’t called Security yet….

My office now has an interesting aroma:  I love the smell of machine oil in the morning – it smells like…..victory.

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