Crossing off the list

Had a mate drop in on the weekend, and we were able to cross a couple of items off the shed’s to do list.

We hung the Carbatec Air Filter (finally), and although it is not an ideal location for optimum performance, given the size of the shed, everything has to be a compromise.  Still, it is the dustier end of the shed, and with a fan placed in the opposite corner to encourage air movement towards the filter, I think it will do a pretty good job.  It certainly seemed to be working, even when it wasn’t plugged in…….

At least where it is, it is not intruding on my working area, and the noise level is very low.  In a very short time I forgot it was even running, so it is not going to negatively impact on my shed time.

With the combination of it, and the dust extraction system I found my nasal passages and lungs were a lot happier at the end of a day of dust generating activities!

The other (minor) bit was getting to hang the air hose reel (seen in the corner).  Given the length of hose, it can reach all areas of the shed from there (and well beyond).  As I have mentioned in the past, compressed air is a real asset in a woodworking workshop, from powering equipment to simply blowing dust off the tools etc.  The air compressor itself is in the small shed next door along with the dust extractor, so I don’t have to put up with the noise they generate.

CMT 290.250.24M – 24 tooth Rip Blade

The next review from the “Battle of the Blades”. The CMT 290.250.24M, 24 tooth rip blade.

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