“An ‘Ex’ is a Has-been”

“And a ‘Spurt’ is a drip under pressure.

This was bought to the attention of the Australian Woodwork Forums – thought I’d show it here as well.

The “Expert” is apparently a Master Craftsman with over 20 years experience.

As a rule I don’t ‘have a go’ at the efforts of others in bringing their expertise to the internet, but this one is an exception. My response to the video series was:

And here I have been stupidly clamping my stock before planing it. How dumb am I.
I couldn’t figure out if it was for real, a joke, sarcasm, a “how to”, a “how not to” etc.
In the end, I came to the conclusion that this is a perfect example why sometimes we’d be better off without the internet at all……and why the Darwin Awards exist.

I certainly won’t be relying on the Expert Village site for reliable information based on this.

It was originally spotted by a US based woodwork forum and posted under the title “Is this guy on drugs?”

Apparently there is also a video set by the guy (sorry – the “Expert”) on using the Tablesaw. To quote: “One thing about safety features is that often times they’re just in the way. This guard here is removable, and that’s what we’re going to do right now, is get it out of the way.” -Rob McMahon for Expert Village

Have a read of the comments on the Bulletin Boards too – very amusing to see the responses.

Just watched his “Saw Stop” video – he doesn’t have one to actually show.

“The Expert” says it is an Airbag for the tablesaw, so convincingly that for a while there I thought he meant it was a real airbag, but I think he knew it wasn’t.

Apparently, the brake on the Saw Stop is a “plastic shoe”. Boy – that would be something to see. I’m sure there is plastic out there that might cope, but where did “Expert Village” find this guy? He should immediately be given a commission by Saw Stop – after all, if their mechanism renders a machine safe enough for him, it will be safe enough for pretty much everyone on the planet.

2 Responses

  1. LOL… In all honesty i don’t know how after all these years he still has all his fingers or limbs for that matter!
    while im at it; love your site, has definitly helped me with deciding on machines to get and stuff, the thing i like the most is the typical back yard shed feel, you show us you can still do a lot with a little, good work, look forward to more vids, cheers, Greg…

  2. Wow, the first set of videos on planers was interesting. The guy reminded me a bit of a young Mickey Rourke, like he’d been slammed around in a boxing ring a bit too much. He was definitely impaired in some way. In the table saw videos, he seemed a bit less unfocused. Even so, Rob McMahon a bit more education about woodworking tool safety if he is to remain in the gene pool.

    I’m really surprised that Expert Village didn’t consider this contribution more carefully. His demonstration of planing without clamping down the stock and his comment and demonstration about the safety guard on the table saw could set them up for serious liability. If someone was to get injured, Expert Village could easily be pulled in as a defendant in any litigation resulting. On top of this, should anyone be injured by reproducing this fools actions with a particular model of table saw, the manufacturer of said table saw would also be held liable. The net result would likely be a multimillion dollar settlement (depending on the extent of injuries and the plaintiff’s attorneys). Since the cost of such liability is ultimately passed on to consumers, we woodworkers (and any poor saps following this guy’s lead) get stiffed. Someone needs to contact Expert Village to tell them to remove these.

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