UBeaut Shellawax Cream – Special

I’m a big fan of the UBeaut range of products – and particularly the Shellawax products. As you may gather from the name, they are a combination of shellac (used for French Polishing) and wax (I also use a lot of UBeaut Traditional Wax, which has a higher melting point than beeswax, which makes it great for products that are going to receive handling.)

Anyway, onto the point, there is a batch of Shellawax Cream that is being sold at 1/2 price, so thought I’d post it here to bring it to your attention. This is the original text about it – explains what is going on with it being 1/ price, and provides the links so you can read more about the product, as well as where to source it from (in this case specifically being the seconds stock, rather than where the U-Beaut range can be purchased from!) So to quote Neil Ellis (who’s book on finishing I still refer to as “The Finishing Bible” – posted on here about a year ago):

We currently have a large quantity of SHELLAWAX CREAM SECONDS in stock which must be sold. This Cream is seconds because turpentine was inadvertently left out of the brew.
It works brilliantly, with some saying it’s possibly better than the proper Shellawax Cream, however because of the lack of turpentine it is a little thicker than usual and has a slightly gritty feel. The gritty feel is because small pin prick sized bits of carnauba wax are suspended in the mix rather than fully blended as usually is the case. This suspended wax is soft and will mix in with the rest during application of the Cream to the work.
To view Shellawax Cream info page CLICK HERE
Regular price $28.60incl GST
ONLY $14.00 GST incl
Box of 9 jars $120.00
Order box lots from U-Beaut: 03 5221 8775
individual jars from Carroll’s:03 5251 3874
All orders will be PLUS POSTAGE or COURIER at standard postal rates.
No packing or handling fees are charged.

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