The Great Cleanup

I’m sure somewhere I’ve already written about a great shed cleanup, so this may be take two. Oh well – if it wasn’t being used, it wouldn’t get messy.

It is a funny thing about this site – the busier I get in the shed, the more there is to write, the less time to do so. Guess that is my excuse for the lack of posting (and videos!)

Reorganising all the main tool locations caused quite a bit of chaos out there, although I have a feeling that I am infected with some kind of entropy bug. Got the dust system (pretty much) finished, so got to work getting tools uncovered, and accessible.

Ok, so it still looks a bit messy, but it’s actually pretty good (the photo doesn’t do it justice). This is the table saw guard extraction, using a combination of plumbing (down) pipe, stormwater pipe connectors, and traditional flexible dust tube. Down at floor level to the right (out of frame) there is the blast gate to separately control the tablesaw cabinet and the guard collection systems.

This is the back of the tablesaw cabinet. The blue-covered outlet is one of two general access points I’ve built into the system, both for cleaning out blockages, and primarily so I can connect up some flexible tube to vacuum the floor etc.

Dropped into Bunnies and got some fittings to add to the dust lid – these are the inlet and outlet for the top and……

this is what I came up with for underneath. Once I have a chance to test it, I might have to do some other mods – the idea is the dust is caused to swirl (typical cyclone-type approach), and then the air reverses direction to exit via the blue tube. It won’t catch everything, but if it just takes out 60% of the main waste I’ll be happy. I’ve directed it like this so the dust impacts on the wall of the bin, so friction encourages the dust to leave the air stream and drop into the bottom of the bin.

This is the temporary tubing to the thicknesser. Given that it passes across the entrance, it is easily unplugged when the machine is not in use. Again, it will be one of those suck and see things if it actually can perform as desired. The thicknesser has an active extractor on it, which may help. However, I am considering if I might need to add an extra inlet to increase the overall tube airflow. The dust extractor itself will probably need to be upgraded to a 2HP (or bigger – but I can’t afford it, or the power supply requirement).

And finally, this is the router bit storage finally mounted.

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