Another few metres

Had another 40 minutes or so available tonight, so got a few more metres of the dust system built. The right side of the system is now coupled up to a T intersection that leads through the shed wall to the dust extractor. It meant I had a chance to block the other outlet and fire up the dust extractor for the first time in ages. (I have run it since decommissioning the original system, but only through temporary tubing). Didn’t put much, if any, dust through, but wanted to have it run anyway.

Next, on the second leg (left hand side) of the system I placed another T intersection which was fitted with a straight pipe (vertical) that ended with a blast gate, and a splitter so two 1″ hoses can lead to the drill press table. The bandsaw was also fitted with hose and a blast gate, so now there is only “deep throat” (for the lathe), and the tablesaw to go.

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