Dust System Continued

Went shopping for more supplies for the ongoing dust system development. Ran into wall after wall unfortunately – to the point that I had to make some changes to the design. Bet woodworkers in the USA don’t have to change their designs just because 2.5″ blast gates don’t ‘exist’.

So here is the compromised design for the router table. It now has a single 4″ blast gate before the offtake to the fence. The length of tube leading to the fence may be a bit long, but I am not going to make that decision until I can actually fire up the system and make some serious dust to test the weaknesses. (I had the wrong lens for the camera tonight, so had to shoot it at an angle).

The other thing I purchased is a collector for the lathe. It is known as the Big Gulp, and I decided that getting the stand for an extra $60 odd wasn’t worth it. The normal intended orientation (I believe) is vertical, but I find the majority of dust I make on the lathe falls pretty much straight down. I’ll have to modify the final positioning, again when I have had a chance to test the system in anger. In this orientation, I think it should be called Deep Throat instead.

It is a pretty large collector – I’ve included my hand in the photo to give an idea of scale. That hole in the centre is 4″!

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