Shed Task List

Just compiling a list of things still needed to be done to complete the shed reno. Thought if I dump it here, I might not loose it!

– bargeboard front wall, inc along inside top of front wall

– guttering front, and route both gutters to tank

– adding corner flashing to front wall

– finish screwing down ridgeline

– cut channel in concrete through old path (stop water coming under wall

– dynabolt shed to slab

– seal doors against weather

– extra bolt and staple for door

– tensioning wire for main door

– outside movement sensor light

– cover nail holes in wall / roof

– fill channel by path w scoria.

– retaining wall at top end of shed

As you can see, as soon as the shed got to a lock-up condition, I got rather distracted by what I could do inside to actually get around to finishing the outside!

Inside the shed, there is an even longer list!

– install the power plug runs x 3

– power to rear shed

– lighting in rear shed

– install dust extraction runs Completed 18 July 08

– mount air filter

– mount compressed air reel

– build storage unit – shelves & cupboards

– hang wood racks

– saw blade storage

Think I’ll stop there, as the list goes ever on.

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