Update on the Triton Sale

I’ve acquired all 4 of the 1400W routers for $99 each, so if anyone wants one, it is first in, best dressed. Postage will be a factor obviously, will calculate that and put it here soon(ish).

They are still in-box, so are complete. As far as I know at least 3 are definitely new, and possibly the 4th is as well. I’m not putting any markup on these – they will cost you what it costs me.

One has already been claimed – 3 to go.

All gone. Thank you ball boys, thank you linesmen.

Shed Layout Take 2(2)

Had a chance to have another play with the shed layout.  This time I decided to take a few concepts that I had, and jump in the deep end and shuffle the real tools around, rather than cutouts on a page (or pixels on a screen).

Always very dangerous to guess success too early, but I am actually reasonably pleased with the development.  Of course the shed now looks like a bomb site, but that was bound to happen.

This is the electron murdering end of the shed.  Not sure what it will end up being called – electron abattoir perhaps!

In the foreground is the tablesaw obviously, a little over the centreline, opposite the doors (to the right in the image).  Running clockwise from there, is the Jet mini lathe, grinder, Jet 14″ bandsaw (which will be on wheels for dealing with large resawing jobs), and the drillpress still in the corner.  There are gaps that may end up with one of the tool chests in it – sort of stuff that can get sorted out once the major bits are finalised.  One benefit with this layout, is all the high sawdust generating tools are all near to the end where the dust extractor is (through the wall behind the drillpress).  With the clearance around the base, I don’t have to run overhead dust extraction (which takes a dust extractor with a lot more suck!)  That has the added advantage that I can give each tool a bit of extra slack in the extraction system so they can be moved when machining larger items.

In the middle of the end wall is the router table, with plenty of infeed and outfeed space.

Along the near wall is my old bench (which is desperate for a full rebuild, but I’ll just add it to the list!)  On that bench is the Wet Stone Sharpener, Spindle Sander, Belt and Disk Sander. Finally is the jointer, using some of the space of the second door.  When I need that door, the jointer can roll, but the rest of the time I might as well make the most of that space.  Speaking of which, the infeed space is across the entrance door, and it is shared with the infeed space for the thicknesser (which is just out of frame to the right).  The outfeed of the jointer is right along the front of the bench.  Thought that was kind of elegant.

The other end of the shed – the darkside 🙂

The term “Darkside” was coined by members of the Australian Woodwork Forums to describe the use (and typically exclusive use) of handtools and techniques rather than powered tools.  Those who prescribe predominately to these techniques are therefore coined “Darksiders”.

So this end of the shed (despite the thicknesser, the stereo, the lights, and what power handtools I end up using down there!) is going to be “The Darkside”.  I’ve worked hard in the design to keep as much space available for this end as possible.  Ok, at the moment it is a bomb site, but that’s because of the shuffle.  Along the back wall (right side of the image), I’m thinking this will be cupboards – lots of storage floor to ceiling.  There is also the outfeed area of the thicknesser, and there is plenty of possibilities for that space – whether it ends up being storage, or simply the luxury of empty space.

The rest of it may finally allow me to have something I’ve craved for a long, long time – a real workbench.  Of course, an assembly table would be very desirable as well.  Damn – need more space!!

Oh, forgot to mention- this also gives me a much better idea where the air filter needs to go.  Given the powered tool end of the shed is by far and away going to generate the majority of the dust, it is likely to be where the air filter will be mounted, possibly above the router table pointing sideways across the shed.  It means it is unlikely to properly filter all the shed air, but it will be in prime spot to catch the dust from the main culprits.  Life is compromise.

So I’m pretty pleased with the concept so far – there may be some other modifications.  After all, the bandsaw has been moved 3 times already.

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