Super Cheap Triton Tools!!!

If you are in Melbourne, and are wanting some Triton tools, you would be well advised to get down to Fountain Gate Bunnings ASAP!! There have been a few pallets of Triton returns that are being sold at well below cost, starting N.O.W.!

My roving reporter will get some prices through to me soon.

There are some 2400W saws, powered saw tables, multistands, steel cutters, WC2000s, at least 1 router table, and a router table stand, possibly some routers, biscuit cutter, extension tables.  (Well that’s what I could see as I had a quick scrounge through the pallets while the tools were being assessed.)

Some are nothing more than a damaged box, others are returns that should never have occurred- nothing wrong with the tool – PEBTAG (problem exists between tool and ground – ie the operator!!) (No I don’t know if it is a real acronym – I made it up).  Some were faults, but are now fine with the broken part replaced.

So if you are interested in bargains……. 🙂

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