Another look at shed layout

Back to the development of the actual shed, and the extra space realised, the next step is deciding on where everything should actually live.  I’ve gotten stuck at this point because every other decision really hinges on the location of tools – power runs can’t be finalised, dust extraction, even the location of the air filter is waiting for the decisions to be made.

One thing the shed needs a lot of (and a lot more of) is storage, and again, no point until I decide on where the tools themselves are going to be.  I’ve had one stab at it already (as seen in a recent shed photo), but I think I can do better.  Identifying what would be better is proving a little bit harder than I expected.  I could just spread all the tools around the walls, so each would have plenty of room around it, but then there would be no wallspace for any storage cupboards.  Alternatively, I could squash everything into a tighter area which compromises the use of the machines.  Placing any in the middle of the room isn’t a great option either because as much as the shed has grown, it is still pretty tight, and a machine in the middle of the room would lead to a loss of wall space on either side of it so I could walk through.

Perhaps another 3D model is in order…….

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