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  1. looks like a yank gave you much respect on the wood whisperer site about saw blade testing, and he found you to be an amusing aussie?

    Doug Brummett on July 8th, 2008 9:38 am I am just about 100% in agreement with Brian M. I am still learning myself and am far from dropping $2k on a cabinet saw. The more I practice and the more I learn about proper setup the better my results are becoming. While people outside of the hobby (like spouses) may not understand hours and days setting up tools instead of working wood it is something that most woodworkers have to come to grips with. The ones that don’t may be able to frame a house, install doors and cabinets, but are unlikely to get into fine furniture since the precision just won’t be there.

    I gotta say that a reliable fence and miter gauge are the right at the top of my list for things that have made my life easier.

    You bring up a good point on blades. I am at the breaking point, on the wall, about to jump over to the dark side. All blades are not created equal. My $20-30 blades have tearout, runout, and probably a couple of other out issues that I hear these higher quality blades avoid. There have been many articles. Some good freebie info and tests can be found on Stu’s shed
    He has been testing a bunch of blades. Although not truly scientific about it he still brings some good info to the table. Also he is an amusing Aussie to watch.

    Fine Woodworking also has a couple of more scientific articles. Some of the blades are dated, but others like the Woodwooker II are still valid contenders (art# 011120038, 011155032). If you haven’t signed up for FWW I highly recommend it. $15 for a year of access to all of their online articles and videos.
    From the reading it looks like some good cuts are coming from several blades in the $60-90 range.

    Wilbur, also right on the money. Hand tools are much easier to control for the fine accuracy cuts and adjustments. Of course I only own one block plane and it is broke down. I do envy those who have a cupboard full of specialty planes. I still find myself reaching for my handsaw and chisels more and more as I learn to use them(and sharpen in the case of chisels).

    $.02 for free

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