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  1. Stu… saw the video so watched it…. wow I was impressed with the device, sadly checked the price after watching and the budget isn’t there for it at the moment….. but definitely something to add to my wish list…..

    What a great, simple unit !

  2. Stu,
    Big fan, your show is one of the best, with a vast array of information and topics.

    But Stu please put a cover on that table saw when you demo things on it (a 3/4″ ply w/ non slip drawer liner on the bottom).

  3. Excellent point – thanks for the reminder.

    Want to keep that machine for a long, long time and so I’d better look after it!

  4. Stu,

    Thanks for the vid. I got a Pro Drill Press Table for Christmas. I was fairly sure I could put it together but it is always handy to see someone else’s set up. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Stu, now that you’ve hadit for a fews months hows the drill press table working? Have you had any issues with the fence height? its the only thing stopping me from buying one.


    • Gidday Joe,

      Actually no – not at all. I use it for accurate positioning, rather than work support. There are other tools – vices and the like if I need significant workpiece support.

      The design is very similar to that from Woodpeckers, and again it has a low fence which is more about workpiece positioning than support.

      If I needed an actual fence, it would be easy to use a couple of bolts into the tabletop tracks to hold a bit of angle (iron or aluminium). But I haven’t needed it yet.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks for the feedback Stu 🙂 Looks like i’ll be adding it to my shopping list.


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