A Couple of Shed Views (again)

Stus Shed View 1

Stus Shed View 1

This is still a transitional stage – I’m still working out exactly what is going to go where, and how I’m going to deal with the whole “I NEED MORE STORAGE” problem.

The dust extraction is not going to be running across the middle of the floor either!  I just wanted to be able to use the saw and not fill it with sawdust already!!

Take Two – New Triton Tools

A while ago, Stu’s Shed had an exclusive release of information about some upcoming Triton Tools. That post was then requested to be held, as some of the information was deemed not ready for release, and some tools unconfirmed.

The new Australian catalog is due shortly, and it will be interesting to see what has been retained between the draft and final copy, however, given a smaller US version is now in the public arena, I can at least reveal some of the originally listed tools that are coming (at least over there if not necessarily in Australia).

I can’t add much, if any comments about the products, as I only know as much about them as I’ve seen in the catalogs.

Cordless Coolflow Helmet TCCFH

A 6 volt, NiMH powered system that is basically a hardhat with a cooling airflow system. Other than the hardhat aspect, there isn’t any other safety system offered – ie this is not a competing helmet for the Triton Powered Respirator, but is intended for those who have to wear hardhats for long periods of time.

***Update*** The rest of the items have now been moved to the new post about the release of the full (global) catalog

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