US Hardware Shows

This is what we need in Australia – hardware shows that actually give a taste of what’s to come, rather than just be a sales show. In fact I’d like to see both the standard Wood shows as well as one (like a Car Show) where the current latest products are announced, and prototypes shown. Even if it was just one, once a year.

It’s a pity we have to rely on second hand news from the States, Germany etc about what’s to come, especially about Australian companies’ products.

This blog by Bob the Builder (and Tool Guy) on the Wood Magazine forums shows some interesting views of some of the latest tools that are out, and coming out (over there). Some great photos, that I won’t reproduce here for copyright reasons, but go check them out.

Things like a hydrogen powered GMC screwdriver (prototype), another that charges in 45 seconds, a GMC SCMS with a TV attached to show a closeup of the cut area, and announcing some of the Triton tools (that are already out here in this particular instance).

A previous trade show over in Germany showed a Triton Powered Clamp, using the technology incorporated in the Triton cordless screwdriver. Again, it may never hit the market, but why do they get to see these things, and Australians never get the same opportunities? Sure, the market is much smaller, but wish we didn’t always miss out, and have to rely on third hand accounts from the international shows.

I had some confusion from one photo – have a close look in the one of the GMC drop saw with the TV camera (SawCam). Just to the right of that saw is a tool that has been discontinued in Australia, but is being featured over there – the Triton Steel Cutter. Next to it, if my eye is not mistaken, is the Triton Spindle Sander, so the Steel Cutter’s inclusion is not a mistake, it is there with a purpose.

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