Triton Manufacturing 2002 Photo Tour

For those who have been asking, here are some photos I took in about 2002 at Triton Manufacturing. It was in full swing as you will be able to see in some of the photos!

Because of the number of photos, you’ll have to click on the expand article tag to see the whole article!

Triton Manufacturing

Triton Manufacturing, otherwise known as Mecca to the legion of Triton followers.

Triton Parts

A number of parts going though the enameling and heat treatment process.

The parts hanging include a component of the multistand (now made in China), and the WC2000 top

Triton Workcentre Top

WC2000 Tops going through the enamel process. Here they have just come out of the first heating stage.

WC2000 Triton Top

After spraying and the final heat treatment stage

In the background, traveling from right to left you can just see WC2000 tops leaving the spraybooth and heading into the kiln.

Raw WC2000 Tops

Bit out of order, but here are some WC2000 tops, ready to be coated.

Machining Jigs

A collection of jigs that an industry like this collects over the years.

Raw Materials

Stacks of raw materials ready to be converted to workshop treasures

Triton Drilling Rig

A multi drilling rig – this I think drills the various holes required in the legs

Triton Superjaws Welding Booth

Triton Superjaws Robotic Welding Booth

Triton Superjaws Coating

Superjaws off to get sprayed and coated

Triton Router Table Screen Printing

Triton Router Table Screen Printing

Triton WC2000 Screen Printing

Triton WC2000 Screen Printing

Router Table

Racks and racks of Router Table Tops

Triton Packaging

Workcentre packaging section

Triton Packaging 2

More packaging

Triton Packaging 3

And more packaging. Whole heap of Multistands there

Racks of Triton

Ready for shipping

Triton Dust Bucket

And one or two dust buckets.

So that’s a little photographic tour of Triton Manufacturing. I probably got some of the descriptions slightly wrong, but no matter. Hope you enjoyed the tour of what was “once upon a time”.

4 Responses

  1. Good one Stu
    Would still like to visit there – even though things might be a bit quieter now-a-days with China in the loop etc.

  2. Thanks fore the pictures, Stuart. Very interesting.

    Like the preceding comment, I would love to do a guided tour of the factory as well.

    If the tour did not start until say 10 am, I would be very happy to use up some frequent flyer points to take a day trip from Brisbane to part in a visit.

    I wonder how many other people would love to visit Triton?

  3. Gold !!!

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