Tool Sales, New Books and Staff Training

I was wandering around Bunnings earlier today, trying to find an intercom for the shed (preferably one that was a mains wire type (one that transmits through the house’s power line)).  Apparently they no longer sell them (but I could choose from a selection of those fake CCTV cameras for as much as a cheap real one).  Nor does Dick Smith, or apparently Jaycar.  I feel like asking if anyone has noticed that noone is stocking them anymore!  I did check the Jaycar site, and they are listed there, so either the site is wrong, or the sales staff were.

Back to the point – there is currently a large collection of sales items in Bunnings at the moment – lots and lots of very cheap GMC, and some Triton as they are ditching the product lines.  You can get a GMC framing nailer for about $125, Triton 1400W routers for $99 (for a $280 odd priced router, this is a bloody good price!!), drop saws, jig saws, mitre saw stands, air compressors etc etc.  There are definitely some bargains to be had, and I’d hesitate to say, this is a one-off event!  If you were contemplating an air compressor, or a router, now is most definitely the time to consider accidentally deliberately dropping the piggy bank.  Of course if you like premium tools, then you tend not to shop at Bunnings for tools anyway, but we all started somewhere.

I also dropped into Carbatec for a quick peak, and noticed that they have dramatically increased their range of books – some really interesting titles in there, on subjects including Pen Turning, Box Making, Tablesaws etc etc.  I didn’t have time to look too closely, but I suspect some of them will definitely find their way onto my bookshelf!

Finally, while leaving, I noted that they were having an after-hours staff training session, and apparently this is a weekly event.  Must say, that really impressed me – the fact that they are taking the time for the front-line staff to get to actually know the products that are on offer, rather than what seems to be the norm in many places.  Wonder if they’ve ever considered having an after-hours session like that once a week open to the public.  I’d certainly make dropping in to attend part of my weekly heading home routine!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip on the $99 1400W router. I checked the local Bunnies in Adleaide last week and found it reduced to $287 (from $288). Quizzed the staff about what you had said and he checked the computer and was astounded to find it was reduced to $99. Stock immediately went down by 1 and the local Triton club bought one as did at least 2 other members. Thanks for the great savings and blog!

  2. Jaycar are definitely still selling that two way intercom that talks over the mains wiring – there’s two in stock at my local shop right now [Darwin]. They’re also available online at the tech store:

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