Dust Collection Options

As I recommission the shed, and the equipment within, I am paying quite a bit of attention to the whole issue of dust extraction and collection.  Even though I currently have a 1hp 4″ system that I plan on running to each machine, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

I’m currently investigating the options, and am looking at the possibility of upgrading to a 2HP collector, and even including an air filter unit.

My ideal would be a cyclone collection, but the budget doesn’t stretch that far!  I might have to resort to the cheap-man’s cyclone option, rather than a specifically built all-in-one collector.  It’s all going to have to be manual blast gates as well for the same reason.

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  1. You might like to investigate the filters from Microclene as well:


    I had a look at these last weekend and they seem like a nifty companion to the dusty (which is also on my shopping list). More relevantly, the guy flogging them off has a try-before-you-buy policy, and they seem genuinely interested in ensuring that you have the right filter for your shop. They’re not cheap, but then again I guess they’re cheaper than coughing your lungs out.

  2. Hi Stu, I invested in a Microclene unit at last year’s Timber Show (in Brissie), to capture the very fine “micro” dust which persists in the air long after you’ve switched off your big dust extractor. Once you’ve accepted a regular cleaning schedule of the filter material, it performs well above expectations, isn’t particularly noisy, and is a very solid, sturdy unit. Filters simply wash out in warm water, and can be purchased very reasonably in bulk quantities at your local Spotlight store – just ask for Dacron wadding! Cheers, Gerry

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys –

    Saw the Microclene units down here as well at the Melbourne show but at that stage wasn’t in the market for one.
    Just had a look at their website, and they do look at very nice solution, just way more than I can afford unfortunately.
    Of course long term maintenance costs have to be considered, and easy filter washing (and dacron replacement) means that in the long run there is a good cost saving.

    I think for me personally, I’ll end up with a Carbatec unit, based on the the initial price more than anything else. Irrespective, I’ve gotten to that point that I need to do something to be more proactive about lung safety in the workshop.

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