Noise, and neighbours

I’ve had a question from Craig (in California) about the implications of noise from my shed, and the neighbours.

In a nutshell, it hasn’t been a problem for me, I’ve spoken to each of my neighbours on different occasions to see if what I have been doing has been impacting on them, and none have had any complaints about the noise levels, so that’s a big part of it – communication!

Also, I try to limit my nocturnal woodworking (as much as possible), and particularly the noisiest tools in the workshop don’t get fired up after about 9:30pm as a rule (not sure what the council guidelines are – I did check them when first starting up the whole woodworking thing so I knew where I stood). I also don’t start any until after about 9am in the morning either. Doesn’t mean I don’t use the shed, I just plan my activities around those times.

The shed itself, despite being a steel echo box, doesn’t seem to let a lot of sound out of it, so what is very noisy inside isn’t necessarily disturbing everyone around. I don’t have windows, and I keep the doors shut (moreso at night etc) when really does trap the sound in.

When I have a chance (and some spare cash), I do want to insulate the roof, and obviously potentially the walls as well, and that will significantly increase the noise dampening effect (especially if I get the batts designed to absorb noise).

Finally, upgrading from a Triton Workcentre to a induction motor driven tablesaw makes a huge difference!!!

And if you do have sensitive neighbours, you can always work on improving your handtool skills! (And sharpening is a quiet, meditative process too!!)

Triton Steel Cutter final sale

The Triton Steel Cutter is going going almost gone.

The very last 60 (new) are now being sold for $A130 (buy it now price) on eBay at the GMC store.
Triton Steel Cutter
These were somewhere around $A400 originally, and they are a very nice tool. Limited to a maximum of 50mm x 50mm (solid) steel stock, at that price they are worth grabbing. (Just my humble, unbiased opinion!)

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