Colorbond Roofing Advert

There’s an ad that’s been on TV over here for a while for a roofing system, where the guy in it has a number of different scenarios where he’s awestruck by how good his roof looks.

Same in the shed at the moment – made more progress yesterday with another big clean, and the floorspace (and being able to see all the main tools for the first time in years), and it was that same feeling of contentment – think I lost 10 minutes being in a daze as I just wandered around looking. Great feeling.

One of the things I was doing yesterday involved a quick chopping up some old timber that was going to be chucked out (but instead is going to become firewood), so I whacked on the Linbide combination blade and started crosscutting and ripping with it.

Never heard a blade almost purr with contentment before, it actually whispered through the cuts. Quite amazing. This is one that I got from the Woodworking Warehouse, and it has a 4+1 tooth configuration. 4 ATB (alternating top bevel), then a 5th tooth which is a square raker, then a skip tooth (ie one ‘missing’ providing a large gullet before the next set of 5 teeth).

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