And now for something completely different

Completely unrelated to woodworking, but just thought some might be interested to know that I have finally started up a bit of a photo blog.


It isn’t much at this stage, but I hope to keep quietly adding to it day by day, and seeing it grow. It won’t impact on this site at all, it just might encourage me to start taking some photos again (other than for Stu’s Shed that is!)

Funny how things work out, Stu’s Shed was originally just a test bed for me to try out some of the new web technology for that site, and instead it captured me completely, and the original ideas for the multimedia site I was going to build faded completely! Not that I mind, and this new (old) site is just going to be somewhere I can place some images etc. I might grow it in time into other areas (my other writings, photo podcasts etc), but there’s no hurry.

The site is based around a rather unusual blog theme called Monotone, which automagically chooses the colour scheme based on the colours in the photo itself.

For anyone who is interested, it is located at

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