Shed Upgrade XXI

Been a while since I provided a report on the shed’s progress, and much of that is because progress is so much slower. Having to earn a wage certainly doesn’t provide much opportunities to work on what is really of interest.

The shed doors are now on (a video that I’ll put up next week was shot just before the doors were finished (just for Glenn who’s keen to see the progress!) 🙂 ). They are not finished – more waterproofing required near the hinges. But doors are doors, and really changes one’s thinking from feeling like you are building a shed, to finishing a shed.

Shed Doors

The look a bit on the ugly side, a result of the lighting as much as anything. They are just hinged – as much as I considered all the other options, I decided I’d rather money for tools, rather than money for fancy door mechanisms.

The other news is on the lighting front – I’ve been doing a bit of scrounging, and ended up being given a whole stack of double fluorescent fittings, with tubes. These are not the really old crappy things I got at the local market years ago for $5 a (single tube) fitting – these are pristine, near new (less than 3 years old), with lots of light reflection behind to really push the light out. Given the typical price of a fitting at Bunnies, I’d say these fittings are worth at least $100 each, if not twice that.

Light Fitting Fluorescent Tube

They even came with a standard plug fitting on the end – bonus! Using it here to provide a little light while setting up the tablesaw.

Light Fitting Fluorescent Tube

Did I mention I got 12 of these fittings????! That would allow me to hang 2 per roof division, and still have 2 left over for the lower shed. Will have to experiment to see just how much light is produced, and how many fittings are needed, but I’d rather overkill than not, seeing as I have the fittings anyway. In total anywhere between $1200 and $2400 worth of lights for free – got to love that!

Reversing a trend

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been noticing a trend in visits which was disturbing – the numbers slowly dwindling. I think I have isolated the cause, that being not showing the full body of every post on the home page. I have reversed it, so once again the whole page is slower to load, but hopefully it will encourage an ever-increasing number of readers!

I will continue to monitor the situation closely, but if any readers have any useful comments about how the site looks and feels they would be most welcome.

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