Episode 26 Safety Week 2008 Introduction

Introduction to Safety Week on the Wood Whisperer Network 2008

A quick introduction and discussion about personal safety equipment, not only using it, but ensuring that the solution actually works for you so that you actually use the equipment when needed, rather than leaving it sitting on the shelf as being too cumbersome or uncomfortable to bother using.

Also too – the first (brief) look inside Stu’s Shed 1.7 as it continues to undergo its physical transformation.

A bargain Triton Router

FWIW, I was just in Bunnings on Warrigal Road (Melbourne) in Cheltenham, and they had a sales table with a 1400W Triton Router for $144.  Think there is only one, and it looked fine – it was the display model at a guess, and will in all likelihood have never been turned on.

Just thought I’d put that out there – keeping the readers of Stu’s Shed informed!

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