Minor change to the site

To free up some tab space for the safety section (and some future concepts that are in-process), I’ve moved the gallery into “About Stu” in case you are looking for it.  Ideally I wouldn’t have to do that, but there are limitations to the coding on the site.

Safety Week

The members of the blogosphere (I’m sure that’s not a word, but anyway) known as The Wood Whisperer Network, which this site is also a member have decided that May 5 – 9 is Safety Week, and as such the various woodworking blogs involved will be presenting safety information over a wide range of topics.

I’m hoping to cover a number of subjects, and will provide direct links from the Safety tab above to the associated articles and videos, as well as links to articles of interest on the other Wood Whisperer Network sites.

I’ve started gathering some information – not sure just how much I’ll get time to cover, as there are a number of priorities that I have right now (including finishing the shed!), but will endeavour to provide some interesting, and useful points

Some Upgrades for the Table Saw

Normally I wouldn’t make mention until I was actually ready to talk about the items, but these are a bit too cool to wait!

The Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout is going to be very cool – providing incredible accuracy in reading the fence position. The other is what happens when a crosscut sled ends up on steriods – Incra style!

I’ve got some figuring out to do, but it’s going to be fun!

Both are available from Professional Woodworkers Supplies. (While you are there, check out their new-look website.  It’s being going through a bit of a revamp, and is looking good).

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