Shed Upgrade Progress Part XX

Thanks to one of my dedicated readers, I’ve been prompted to provide another SITREP about progress out there. Spent a number of hours last night just starting the whole cleanup – as you would have seen from recent photos the collection of just everything in the centre of the shed. The laws of entropy at their strongest!

So I tidied and tidied. I’m still nowhere near finished, bit at least I can walk from A to B again!

I can’t quite believe it – a shop with all major tools inside, and there is actually room to walk around still! There is still LOTS to do- at least as much again as I already did, and that is just to get the room neat, ready to start actually improving things (such as dust extraction).

I know it is just a light – I needed something to see by, so dropped into a hardware store on the way home looking for something, and came across these really cheap $8 lamp holders. They could only take a 60W bulb – not much light, so I decided to put the ultraefficient bulbs in – an 18W is the equivalent of a 100W bulb. I was pretty pleased with them, considering how low cost they are.

As part of the cleanup, there is always something needing cleaning out, so I threw all that into a corner. Hmm – how can a small 6 x 3m shed hold the equivalent of a trailer-load of rubbish? No wonder I was cramped!

A look in the other direction, to give an idea of the added space.

There are obviously a number of items still completely out-of-location. For example, the shelving and drill press are not meant to be located in the middle of the room! Oh, and yes – that is part of my Incra LS Positioner on the drill press – what I’ve mounted it to is going to have a couple of 40mm holes cut in it so I can fit MagJigs to it, so the Incra fence can be connected very easily to the tablesaw for when the accuracy is required.

Found this awesome blade in the shed – wonder if it will fit the new table? So old there isn’t a carbide tip in sight!

I’m pretty impressed – this is currently the only leak the shed is showing after heavy rain. It is where the original concrete path was outside the shed, so drainage off the wall at that point has an opportunity to get confused. I have a diamond blade for my angle grinder, so sometime really soon I will rectify that problem!

This is pretty much all that is left of the old shed – lots of twisted metal. Looks like there is another tip trip!

At least we are getting there faster!

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