A few preliminary cuts

Had an opportunity tonight to have a quick play with some of the blades in preparation for the blade head-to-head. There wasn’t any real intent here – I just wanted an excuse to have a play with the new saw (and the new blades!) I thought I might just try one or two out, see if there is any perceivable differences and get a feel for how the trials might work.

(Guard removed for clarity!)

I still haven’t set up my new Carbatec tablesaw, but it’s too busy to mind! These are the main blades I was playing with – including from left to right – Freud 80 tooth, CMT 80 tooth, Freud Professional 60 tooth, and the blade in the saw is a Linbide 100 tooth. Also, I’m (finally) getting to use my Incra 1000SE mitre gauge, and that’s a pretty cool tool as well!

Thanks to Carbatec for the CMT blades, and Woodworking Warehouse for the Freud and Linbide blades!

Was just crosscutting a lump of 4×2 I happen to have, so certainly wasn’t expecting much, if any differences.

I had a 48 tooth GMC blade in the saw (one of those $8 eBay jobs), so started with that. Yep- it cut. Standard sort of finish I’d expect to see on a crosscut. After the later cuts (with the dedicated crosscut blades), I now realise that what I thought was a reasonable crosscut was nothing more than torn fibres pretending to be a cut.

Then I started changing blades. Oh boy – even on such a soft piece of crapiata, the differences were very noticeable. Blades were outperforming other blades all over the place.

Interestingly, the blade with the smoothest finish with least tearout was not the most expensive, nor did it have the most teeth of them all. But could it crosscut!

One blade, without any noise reduction technology integrated in its design started to resonate in harmony with the TS. Got rather freaky there for a while. Not knowing the tablesaw very well at this stage I was staring at it quite intensely until was able to work out it was the blade ringing (loudly) which was causing a complementary vibration inside the machine itself.

I’m really liking this new saw!! 😀

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