Researching Saw Blades

I’ve been spending some of the last couple of days really trying to research sawblades for the new TS – looking at just what is out there, and boy, is there a LOT of blades!!

Some of this is summarising comments made on the Australian Woodwork Forums – just wanted to acknowledge that. Basically, I asked the question on there, and there are an absolute plethora of suppliers that are being recommended, all with blades that look pretty awesome.

Some of the variables that need to be considered are (and this parallels a post on here a-ways-back)

tooth design (eg flat grind, alternate top bevel, triple chip)
surface coating (none, nickel, teflon, permashield etc)
noise reduction slots and expansion slots
tooth count
carbide quality & thickness
and so on.

Some of the companies that are getting mention are


and I’m sure there are more to come.

What I am trying to find is simply: what is the best ripping blade, crosscut blade and combination blade out there? (ie 3 separate blades, not one that does all that!)

Of course everyone has their own preferences, but trying to look past that and simple see what are the great blades! Comments most welcome!

Addendum: Been giving it some thought, and the only real way that I am going to be able to wade through this all is by actually running a side-by-side comparison of the different blades. Of course I probably won’t be able to get access to all the different manufacturers that should be included, but will at least be able to do those that I can.

This won’t be a “winner takes all” – ie I won’t say “this is the best blade out there” but I will simply put the results side by side for different situations, including any feedback I can get about longevity of the carbide and its resharpenability, price, runout etc, and we’ll see what we will see.

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