Big tool catalogue going online

They are not the first tool store online (for Australia), but given their product range, they are about to become a serious contender.

I speak of GMC – Global Machinery Company, which has its Head Office in Melbourne, and for the past few years has also owned the Triton brand.

In or around May 08, their entire catalogue will be available for online purchasing, according to their website In addition, their 2008 product range will be released in July.

There have been a number of changes in the tool market in recent times, particularly with Bunnings signing exclusive deals with Ryobi, and at the same time putting significant pressure on the catalogue range of other brands historically well supported by the hardware chain.  Where once you could walk into a Bunnings tool shop and see an amazing array of GMC tools, they are now quite scarce in comparison.

It looks like GMC are not taking this lying down, and are pushing into a new market – online.  There have already been a large number of sales of end-of-range products through their eBay store, and from what I hear the feedback from buyers has been very positive.  GMC have been going out of their way to look after their customers, and this bodes very well for this future venture if they take the same approach to new tool sales.  Customer Service has always been absolutely critical, and they have been doing this very well with their eBay Store.

So kudos to GMC, and good luck with this new sales approach!

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