Router Bit-of-the-Month (April 08)

This month, (after a short hiatus), the featured router bit is the Surface Planer bit from Carb-i-tool.

This probably doesn’t really do the bit justice, but to give you an idea at least of what it is.  Unlike a 2 flute straight bit that is primarily designed for edge work, but gets used for all sorts of other roles (such as planing and stock removal), this bit has one purpose – surface planing.  It is a 6 cutter bit, capable of rapidly smoothing the surface of everything from bowls to boards.

There are a few aspects to this blade worth mentioning:

1. It is not designed for table mounted work.

2. You require some sort of sled to hold the router above the work you need to have flattened.  There are some commercial versions, and also a number of homemade versions as well.

3. Do not consider trying to handhold this bit!

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I can’t seem to find this surface planer listed anywhere.
    Can you please give me further info. It’s not even on the Carbitool site that I saw ?!
    Thanks again.

    • It is listed on their site- check out page 26 of their catalogue (under solid surface bits, page 2, right hand side, 2nd from the top)

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