Shed Upgrade part XIV

Climbing to new heights….

First wall clad and ready for assembly.

First wall being moved into the final destination.

Still doesn’t look like much from up here.

Moving the first half of the back wall frame into position ready for cladding

Gawd. What a mess.

My new tablesaw has arrived

And I have nowhere to put it yet 😦 I’ve had to leave it sitting at Carbatec until I can free up some space (and put a roof over it). I’m so busy trying to get the shed done that I haven’t even had time to nip up to Carbatec to have a peek.

The shed (if it can currently be called that) currently only has 1 1/2 walls, and with all the mess it would be fair to say it has negative floorspace.

Now the pressure really is on to get the project towards completion!

Router Bit-of-the-Month (April 08)

This month, (after a short hiatus), the featured router bit is the Surface Planer bit from Carb-i-tool.

This probably doesn’t really do the bit justice, but to give you an idea at least of what it is.  Unlike a 2 flute straight bit that is primarily designed for edge work, but gets used for all sorts of other roles (such as planing and stock removal), this bit has one purpose – surface planing.  It is a 6 cutter bit, capable of rapidly smoothing the surface of everything from bowls to boards.

There are a few aspects to this blade worth mentioning:

1. It is not designed for table mounted work.

2. You require some sort of sled to hold the router above the work you need to have flattened.  There are some commercial versions, and also a number of homemade versions as well.

3. Do not consider trying to handhold this bit!

Tool of-the-Month (April 08)

The tool for this month is the MagSwitch. An Australian invention, the MagSwitch is both a very simple concept, and an ingenious one. The basis of the invention is a switchable magnet – one that can be turned on and off with a quarter turn of the handle. Sure, the ability to switch off a magnetic field has been around for ages with electromagnets, but these are permanent magnets, and with no power requirements, the ability to turn them on and off is pretty cool. They also have significant holding strength, so now we have a strong magnet that can be turned on and off at will.

This leads to all sorts of possibilities!

This is just one application of the MagSwitch, and it came about because one of the engineers was also a keen woodworker, and saw a superb application of the technology. This featherboard (and the vertical attachment) are now part of the range that MagSwitch make for woodworkers.

There are also MagJigs – a MagSwitch magnet in a style that makes it simplicity to incorporate into your own jigs. I’ve had an idea that I will detail further in the near future that includes 2 MagJigs to hold down the Incra fence system, allowing the Incra Fence to be used on the tablesaw. I will document this further, but it might finally be a quick and easy way to fit an Incra fence onto the Triton Workcentre.

There are also MagSquares, which are a jig in themselves. You can use them as stops, as fences, and well, the interesting thing about the technology is trying to think of different ways that it can be used.

In fact MagSwitch run an ongoing competition where you can win a Pro Featherboard by coming up with a useful and unique application of MagSwitch.

My latest idea is I want a MagSwitch broom. I have dropped so many screws etc into the sawdust during my shed upgrade, that being able to ‘sweep’ through with a MagSwitch broom would be great. I’ve tested the MagSwitch on iron shavings, and when switched on will pick up a whole stack, yet holds onto next to nothing when switched off. Even if MagSwitch don’t make one, I might rig one up for myself anyway!

I will cover this cool product further, but they are definitely worth checking out!

So far, I am aware that they are available through Carbatec, Woodworking Warehouse, Professional Woodworker Supplies and Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies

Woodwork Shopping in Adelaide Pt 2

Few developments on this front:

1. Carbatec have announced that the rumour (reported here) is true, and in about 10 weeks time there will be a new Carbatec outlet in Adelaide

2. It sounds like they will be occupying the recently vacated premises of MIK

3. Until they locate there, they are offering free delivery to Adelaide, but contact them for more detail (specifically the Brisbane store)

4. MIK stock is being sold significantly discounted on 18 / 19 April, and whatever is left will be auctioned

Wish I had time to make a trip to Adelaide!

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