Ballarat Wood Show

Spent the day working at the Ballarat Wood Show. I’ve always enjoyed the provincial centre wood shows – they have a great feel to them, and a lot less stressful/pressure than the big ones. Good chance to catch up with a lot of people, and some great bargains.

Ballarat Wood Show

The show has a heavy craft basis, with lots of examples of work being done. I was quite busy today so sadly didn’t get around all the displays this time. Next year perhaps.

Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies

A friend of mine – Jim Carroll – was there with his shop Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies, with a large amount, and range of stock. He certainly has a great collection of pen turning supplies among other things.


Our Triton display, associated with the local Home Hardware was working well once again, with quite a range of Triton tools there, and being used. The Home Hardware gets Triton at prices that are amazing, and worth the trip to Ballarat.

To list a few ( and these are not exact, so you can’t take them to Bunnings and expect a 10% discount – and I might have faked a few slightly low for the same reason (or not). Point is, if you want these prices, it’s the Ballarat Wood Show today or nowhere.)

Wet & Dry Sharpener <$150 (rrp $199)

Spindle Sander <$205

SuperJaws <$115 (rrp $199)

Spin Saw <$60 (normally over $200)

Mitre Saw <$100

WC2000 <$410

13″ Thicknesser <$550

15″ Thicknesser <$780 (rrp $999)

3 in 1 Sander <$550

Bucket of Biscuits <$30

Respirator <$200

2400W Router <$300

1400W Router <$240

82mm Planer <$70 (rrp $199)

Router Table <$145

Router Table Stand <$135

Steel Cutter <$141 (rrp over $400!!!!)

Anyone tempted yet?

I also got to meet and have a good chat with Chris (of Chris Vesper Tools) He makes some beautiful tools, and his large chisel is amazing!

Chris Vesper

Chris Vesper Tools

Chris Vesper Benchtop

Got to see some photos of his workshop, and we will do a tour of it in the near future! He has an incredible collection of historic woodworking (and similar) machines that he restores. Very jealous!

2 Responses

  1. Dear Sir

    I am interested in learning basic woodworking skills also the triton work bench.
    Would appreciate any help in these areas


    • I run courses through the Holmesglen Tafe on introductory woodworking, and Triton Woodworking tools. Links to the courses can be found in the left-hand column.

      Otherwise, check out Stu’s Shed TV – there are plenty of videos in there covering a range of woodworking techniques etc.

      And if nothing else, there is over 200,000 words here pretty much all about woodworking! Hopefully there is a gem or two among them 🙂

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