Part XI (.2)

I don’t have a photo from the end of the day – I was too tired, and the light was gone, but we (my Dad (over from NZ) and I) moved about 8 cubic metres of soil to get ready for the extension to the slab. You can see from the shed wall how high the soil had gotten over time (with a little encouragement by the dogs), so it was good getting it back to this state again.

Tomorrow, a cubic metre of cement arrives and we will be barrowing it in from the front gate. We get 20 minutes to do it too – nice eh. I went with 25MPA concrete – costs very little more, and adds 20% or so strength.

In one of my trips to the back of the block dropping off a load of soil, I happened to brush against the Gum Tree (which I have done heaps of times in the past. This time was a little different, and without getting too much into a story, I felt a bit of a sting on my arm, and not just caused by the bush we were brushing past.

However, within a minute or so, the rapidly spreading redness, and swollen arms where the stingers had touched meant something else was happening. (I keep Telfast for just these occasions’)

What I had brushed off is the Mottled Gum Moth.

Feels like sticking your hand into stinging nettle! In Oz, it is also called a Spitfire, or a Battleship. Brings a new twist to the concept that fashion is pain!

*I had another read of this post in the morning, because I had no idea what I had written. Good thing too, because I must have literally fallen asleep while typing, and instead of writing “Stinging Nettle”, I had written “Paypeg”*

Shed Upgrade part XI

So the raw materials have all been bought (the bulky bits at least – some damp-course and dynabolts are about all that I still need to get (along with 1,000,000 other bits and pieces as the fitout begins, but all in good time)).

The concrete has been ordered for tomorrow morning, so the rest of today is being spent digging a hole, and boxing it up.  So 2 days of wheelbarrowing materials around.  Yay.

You don’t realise just how much crap you manage to accumulate, until you have to move it!  It’s going to take me the rest of the year to find some of my tools again.

I’ve taken a few pics, but will process them later when I’m too tired to lift a spade, and can only manage to swing a mouse.

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