Episode 24 Tool Maintenance Cast Iron and Sanders

Episode 24 Tool Maintenance Cast Iron and Sanders
For anyone not living in absolute ideal conditions, cast iron is not only magnetic, but “magnetically” attracts rust to it, and so it is important to both protect against rust, and be able to remove any ‘infection’ as soon as it starts.

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  1. Thanks for the video. interesting to see someone do it differently.

    I actually clean the rust off with wd-40 sprayed on and then I take a green pad with the random orbital sander and buff the rust away.

    Then a layer of johnsons paste wax for the protection.

  2. Hi Stuart,
    congratulations on the site, and excellent info.
    I will try some of your methods on my metalworking gear.
    Prevention is my mainstay. I throw a cloth cover over all machines at end of day, and I think that reduces the settling of moisture and condensate during the cooler nights.
    I tried a smear of light oil, and it works, but there are always missed spots. Also, oil does attract dust, which is abrasive, and the dust in turn seems to attract the moisture.
    I agree that WD40 is useless for rust prevention because it just evaporates. As an aside, I read a metalworking article recently, where various mixtures were trialled to assist with undoing rusty nuts off bolts. The cheapest and best (by far), was a home made mixture of acetone and hydraulic brake fluid. I forget the ratios.. might have been 50/50.
    Bees wax is also an excellent lubricant for woodworking surfaces, as an alternative to parafin. It is softer and smells better.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Must get back and explore the rest of your website.

    Uncle John.

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