Is tomorrow the day?

Every possibility that tomorrow I will be sourcing (and purchasing) the materials I need for the shed expansion – some of them at least.  I have been contacting various demolition yards so I can recycle building materials (I’m on a definite budget), and have found some Quicklock roofing for about $1.50 / metre.

The general plan is to fabricate a wooden subframe and use the cladding from the existing walls and roof to cover the walls of the shed, and use the Quicklock for the new roof.

Calling it a shed expansion is probably being rather generous, but the few feet gained will certainly make for an improved functionality.  I modeled the potential tool layout today on the Grizzly shed planner, and it still looks to be a tight squeeze, perhaps with less crab walking required between the tools.

I do need to move quite a bit of soil to be able to start, so there is an over-abundance of preparation work required.  On top of that is the concreting required – these jobs have a habit of growing exponentially.

As I remember, I will attempt to document the upgrade as I go.

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